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It all started in 1854…

…but for us, around 2005.

There’s something about this building. Ask anyone that’s been in this town for more than 20 years…it’s a little mysterious, somewhat curious and definitely intriguing.

Our charmed little life has taken us up and down and all around, but Cross Plains has always been home. For decades we have driven down Main Street wondering about this charming stone building. “Oh, the possibilities” would run through our heads. Until one day I saw the “sign”. A few short months later we welcomed this building as our new baby.

So, here we are. We have a big dream to bring a welcoming space to our neighbors, friends and family to gather, gift and grow.

And if you don’t fit in to one of those categories yet…just wait, you will.

We can’t wait to meet you,

Katy, Dale, Miles & Maddie Ripp


What we are.

Your friendly, neighborhood wine bar offering 16 self-serve wines on tap plus over 20 craft beers and ciders in a bottle.

A comfy place to find unique gifts for your friends and, let’s be honest here, yourself.

A workshop space where you can learn new skills, create art and enhance your palate.

An intimate event venue to celebrate the friend, the bride, the new mom, the couple, the employee.

The only BYOF place this side of the beltline. Yes, that’s Bring Your Own Food.

What we are not.

Just another stuffy wine bar. While we do have an extensive selection of reds, whites, roses and bubblies, we’re just so much more than that.

A restaurant. We can bring your blood sugar level down with some cheese, meat and nuts, but we stick to what we’re good at. And we’re terrible cooks.

Your typical sports bar. While we love us some Packers, Badgers and the Brew Crew and will definitely play the games during the seasons, a few of our tavern friends right down Main Street have the corner on that market. Come enjoy the local games with us but if you’re in to a bunch of TVs you’ll likely be disappointed.